Unpacking Ableism
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Unpacking Ableism

When it comes to anti oppressive frameworks, there are many comprehensive resources on how to be anti-racist and gender inclusive. However, while many understand that ableism is wrong, not many know how to unpack it. This workshop will address ableism within an intersectional framework, define accessibility and accommodations, and help participants to unpack ableism and engage meaningfully with anti-ableist discourse. This workshop is meant to address ableism not just within customer/client interactions, but within general interpersonal relationships. This workshop was created by Kate and Mari. 

Tickets are available on a sliding scale $40-55. Registration required.  

Kate Welsh BA, M.Ed is a counsellor, activist and educator. She lives with visible and invisible episodic disabilities. Kate’s activism and art explore ways in which to not just change policy but make lives better now by creating consumable art that tackles hard to talk about topics such as chronic illness. Kate has been facilitating workshops for 8+ years on topics such as sexual health and disability, LGBTQ leadership, wellness tools, art and disability and enhancing accessibility. She currently works in the shelter system as an advocate and counsellor as well as running a disability initiative called Equity Buttons. For more information check out www.katewelsh.ca/workshops/ and www.equitybuttons.com/

Mari Ramsawakh is a disabled and nonbinary writer. They have written on race, gender, and ability on Nuance, Bitch Media, Wear Your Voice Magazine, Xtra, and The Body Is Not An Apology. They have also spoken on panels at Playground Conference on how sexuality intersects with disability and also on how sexual and reproductive health is affected by immigrant narratives.

Accessibility: CSI Spadina is fully accessible. We also ask that everyone please try to make the space as scent-free as possible.

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